Our Services

The Harmony Institute provides a range of services to individuals, organizations, and foundations communicating information on pressing social and environmental issues through entertainment. HI advises and evaluates at many levels, from comprehensive, multi-year projects to targeted, short-term assessments.

HI works closely with every partner to create a research framework, timeline and budget that best suits their individual needs.

Entertainment Evaluation

At the core of HI’s mission is a commitment to generating original qualitative and quantitative research on entertainment’s influence on individuals, communities, institutions, and policy. Past evaluations for clients focused on two important areas: first, in evaluating entertainment’s narrative effect, researchers look for aspects of a story that were effective in changing an audience’s comprehensionattitude, or response to a social issue. Second, in evaluating entertainment’s ripple effect, researchers search out information on policy, public interest groups, industry, or affiliated organizations both directly and indirectly related to a project or campaign.

Each evaluation aims to tell the story of entertainment’s social influence by weaving the findings gathered throughout a study into one, clear narrative. When possible, and to make the most of each evaluation, implications of this narrative are offered for current or future projects.

Why Work With Us?

HI’s entertainment evaluations provide clients with valuable information of the influence of their project, moving beyond financial gains to offer an intimate look at the social return on investment. Benefits of working with HI include:

• Consultation on communication and outreach strategies grounded in social science
• Support in shaping entertainment that uses multiple mediums and technical platforms
• Measuring influence from a diversity of research methods and indicators
• Analysis of how multiple measures paint a complete picture of narrative and ripple effect
• Reporting that is comprehensive and clear
• Implications for the future of socially compelling entertainment