ImpactSpace: Coming in late 2014

If you came here looking for information on StoryPilot, you’ve come to the right place. StoryPilot (formerly known as ImpactSpace) has grown so much from our early prototypes that the app needed a whole new name and look. We’re in the process of rebranding, including designing new visuals and a new, app-specific website. Sign up below to be alerted when the website launches, as well as receive other news on our progress. 

We’re excited to announce ImpactSpace, our forthcoming web application for mapping media impact. With this tool, users will have a wealth of information at their fingertips in a user-friendly platform that provides access to:

  • Data on a wide variety of impact metrics for individual films, as well as cross-film comparison.
  • Clear visualizations of the conversations surrounding pressing social issues and a film’s place in these dialogues.
  • Advanced mapping of the social and semantic networks connecting films, social platforms, press publications, and political action.
  • Customized projections of the impact footprint of user-uploaded media projects, with extended capabilities available to Pro users.


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