The Ripple Effect is an interdisciplinary blog that offers commentary, analysis, and information in the quest to better understand the influence of media and entertainment. Here you will find a range of news and informed opinion, covering topics from the social sciences to Hollywood.

Although The Ripple Effect is written for a wide audience, our researchers and commentators aren’t afraid to tackle complex issues. We think our community deserves clear, intelligent reporting supported by strong evidence. We may not always provide definitive answers, but will strive to ask the important questions.

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The Ripple Effect is an independent blog run by the Harmony Institute (HI) and its extended professional and academic networks.

HI is a research center dedicated to revealing the influence of entertainment and believes that mainstream media, combined with the power of strong storytelling, can be instrumental in producing lasting social change. By looking beyond traditional indicators (such as box office and audience size), HI reveals entertainment’s social return for clients. HI also serves as an experimental lab, researching and developing new tools and methods for understanding the influence of media and entertainment.