Measuring the impact of media is a complex challenge. Audience response to media ranges across comprehension, attitude, and behavior, on the individual or collective level. Now, more than ever we can measure impact using the wealth of audience data at our fingertips. Effectively interpreting this data requires cross-discipline teams with a deep knowledge of the media landscape. Our consulting services are available for media makers, issue advocates, and the people and organizations who make their work possible.







Impact evaluations


We work with media makers to provide comprehensive reporting that can be used to connect your work to the audiences and social issue that drive you. We go beyond counting Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers to provide the context and analysis that reveals how and when awareness becomes action and identify opportunities to increase the resonance and impact of future projects. Our tailored reporting can be used to present compelling evidence of social impact to funders, stakeholders, and the public.









Impact strategy


Without the right questions, metrics are just numbers. Our team of experts can help you frame your social impact goals, choose the right indicators, set baselines, and come up with a plan for tracking progress. Whether you’re an independent filmmaker looking for ways to understand your impact without adding to your budget, or a publisher with an internal analytics staff looking to understand social impact at a deeper level, we co-create a framework that fits your project’s context and scope.









Tool development


For many organizations, social change comes from a portfolio of projects which grows and develops over time. We work with these organizations to create unique tools and dashboards that show the overall impact of a program, initiative, or media platform.




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