Collaboration is at the core of what we do. We partner with a range of institutions and organizations to answer questions about media impact. While we welcome unique opportunities, our partnerships generally fall into three categories:







Research partnerships


We work with academics and other research organizations from across a variety of disciplines to jointly undertake university and grant-funded scientific research.

Sample project: Zombies, brains, and tweets









Data partnerships


We turn data into knowledge. We partner with organizations who have data they know must be interesting to those who can read it. They entrust us with their data, and, in line with the lessons they most want to learn, we extract the stories and insights useful both to them and the field as a whole.

Sample project: Door into the Dark & Immersive Media









Media co-creation


We partner with innovative media creators to push the boundaries of social impact measurement and data-driven storytelling using new and experimental methods.

Sample project: A New Story





If you’re interested in an impact evaluation, data analysis, or tool development, please head over to our Services page to learn about our solicitation process.