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Veterans Coming Home

A holistic analysis of online conversations



The Challenge

The military-civilian divide refers to a cultural and social gap in understanding that prevents civilians and members of the military from having important conversations about what it means to be a veteran. Veterans Coming Home is a digital-first campaign organized by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Wisconsin Public Television, and Kindling Media that aims to bridge the divide with short-form video and social media content that breaks down stereotypes about what it means to serve in the military.


The Approach

Harmony Institute teamed up with Veterans Coming Home to evaluate the campaign’s success in reaching its goals. We looked at their web campaign and survey data from a series of live events to provide a holistic analysis of how the campaign affected both civilians and members of the military.


The Results

We found that the campaign has seen the most success on Facebook, where its content has garnered tens of thousands of user interactions. In particular, Veterans Coming Home’s video content highly engaged audiences, especially content focused on addressing the issue through comedy. Moving forward, we recommended that Veterans Coming Home continue to focus on its Facebook presence and amplify its success on Twitter by increasing the volume of posts. The live events largely appealed to an audience that was already engaged with veterans’ affairs, but provided the audience with motivation for taking further action. By providing event participants with talking points and opportunities to delve further into the issue, Veterans Coming Home could effectively capitalize on the energy created in coalition with its partner network. Taking advantage of these opportunities would ensure that the campaign sees continued success.