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Explore the social impact of over 600 documentary films



The Need

Storytelling in media has been shown to drive civic engagement, shape policy, increase awareness, and shift perceptions around social issues. When for-profit corporations want to advance their agendas, they have the funds to identify impact metrics and perform in-depth marketing analysis. Yet few filmmakers and social issue advocates have access to information or tools to leverage these insights to change minds and drive action to solve pressing social issues.


The Goal

The goal of the StoryPilot project is to create an online tool that helps media makers strategize, evaluate, and communicate their projects’ impact by providing insights and objective analysis about the influence of media across multiple areas and within various contexts.


The Tool

StoryPilot is a free, online application that helps filmmakers explore metrics around more than 500 documentaries in 16 social issue categories including education, health, and human rights. It is a multi-functional tool created to help media makers better understand the social impact of documentary films. It is also the only online social issue documentary film repository of its kind. It provides free, simple, and easy-to-understand analysis about these films and the social issues they cover. In the current beta version, it compiles extensive impact measures such as social media conversations, box office success, Wikipedia search volume, and policy discussions.

Powered by innovative data analysis and visualizations, StoryPilot is designed to provide tools and resources to filmmakers and issue advocates to better engage their audiences and accomplish their film goals. We believe that while every film is unique, films that have similar types of impact often share certain commonalities. With StoryPilot, users can identify those commonalities and explore insights to guide their own impact campaigns.