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Narrative Field Guide

Turning key story elements into analytic variables



The Challenge

Even though both the humanities and the social sciences are interested in narrative, there is no common language between these fields. Communications and social sciences often examine how stories affect decision-making, but there is a dearth of resources to help researchers leverage the wealth of knowledge accumulated in the humanities around how stories work.


The Approach

We are building a user friendly guide that distills many ideas from narratology and narrative classification into practical advice on how different fictional stories can be studied within the social sciences. This guide covers topics from plot structure, to characters, to the value of narrative classification. We illustrate how to use the guide in a research context with a case study on the finance industry in fictional films.


The Results

The Narrative Field Guide will be a unique resource, providing social scientists and other narrative researchers with a more nuanced way to connect the elements of a story with its impact on audiences. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on its release.