Type: Partnership

Door into the Dark & Immersive Media

Embodied storytelling and emotional memory



The Challenge

From virtual reality to experimental theater, immersive formats are growing more popular with media makers. Despite the increased profile of immersive media, we don’t know much about it. How do audiences react to and remember sensory changes? How might audiences react emotionally to immersive techniques?


The Approach

The immersive documentary Door into the Dark, produced by Anagram, provided HI Labs with the opportunity for a case study. Relying upon researcher observation, biometric data, participant survey responses and full access to the production process, the Labs team was able to gain insight into how this immersive documentary affected participants’ emotions and memory.


The Results

The moments that participants reacted to during Door into the Dark didn’t always match what they remembered later. Physical and story worlds inspired participants to bridge the content of the narratives to their own experience, and left lasting impressions of key moments.