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How a fiction film changed the conversation on digital abuse



The Challenge

In 2011, MTV commissioned HI to evaluate the impact of its original movie (DIS)connected, a fictionalized story depicting how everyday online communication can all too easily lead to digital abuse. The movie was a focal point in MTV’s multi-year campaign, A THIN LINE, which sought to empower young people in standing up against digital abuse. Over a six-month period, HI traced the influence of (DIS)connected on viewer comprehension, attitude, and response to diverse digital issues, as well as the campaign’s impact on the national conversation over digital abuse.


The Approach

HI researchers employed a multi-method strategy for assessing (DIS)connected‘s unique role in raising awareness and presenting solutions to a variety of digital abuse issues. Using information from focus groups conducted with teens and young adults from across the country, a survey of (DIS)connected viewers, and interviews with issue leaders, HI gathered a robust data set combining primary audience responses with expert analysis. HI partnered with cutting-edge social media analysis platform Crimson Hexagon to analyze online conversations concerning the movie and outreach campaign.

The report’s conclusions offer a comprehensive picture of how viewers were influenced by (DIS)connected’s narrative, and the increased likelihood that young people will take action to stop digital abuse and stand up for its victims in the future.


The Results

The HI evaluation, detailing the impact of MTV’s (DIS)connected and A THIN LINE campaign, was completed in February 2012. Both the full report and summary highlights are available for download.