HI Becomes a partner with CHEX’s social research grant program

CHThis October HI partnered with Crimson Hexagon’s Social Research Grant Program. The partnership gives HI access to Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform, a tool that draws from the full Twitter Firehose to compose a comprehensive visualization of social media data. ForSight™ adds significantly to HI’s database and will play an instrumental role in analyzing narrative impact for social good.

HI and BAVC release the Impact Playbook

The Harmony Institute and the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) are proud to announce the release of the “Impact Playbook”—a resource for media makers that contains best practices and strategies for measuring impact. This joint project builds on HI’s participation at the 2013 Producers Institute for New Media Technologies. We worked collaboratively to understand the needs and workflows of today’s networked storytellers.

The Impact Playbook empowers media makers to use  data to effectively measure and communicate the impact of their work. While the need for effective impact measurement is widely acknowledged, media makers are tasked with finding insights from new distribution channels and data sources. The Impact Playbook addresses this issue by integrating data collection and analysis into the creative process. It is now available for download.


MTV releases HI impact evaluation study for original film, (DIS)connected

MTV partnered with HI in 2011 to conduct a study of the network’s original film, (DIS)connected, which was the central piece of media in a multi-year campaign to reduce cyberbullying. HI conducted original research in order to study the impact of this film on its target audience. One of the study’s findings was that “(Dis)connected was very effective at increasing comprehension about digital abuse with 82% of viewers reporting that digital abuse was a more serious problem than they previously thought after seeing the film.” The study was also featured in a Fast Company article, in which representatives from both HI and MTV discussed the findings and implications for upcoming campaigns. As the first partnership between the two firms, the report demonstrates the ways in which MTV was able to make an impact with their audience beyond standard viewership metrics.

To read more, see our case study.

Crimson Hexagon features HI as case study

Crimson Hexagon has highlighted Harmony Institute’s unique use of the social media monitoring service in a new video case study, alongside other valued customers such as Bing and CNN. The  study features Assistant Director, Eleanor Cleverly, and Graham Technology Fellow, Clint Beharry discussing the versatility and accuracy of Crimson Hexagon’s technology.

Cleverly and Beharry praised the application’s flexibility, in both the training and coding of sentiment in online conversations, and its ability to adapt to different language styles. Crimson Hexagon has allowed HI to analyze the influence of entertainment on a wide range of online voices.

HI to discuss social TV at Benchmark conference

Benchmark LogoGraham Technology fellow Clint Beharry and Assistant Director Eleanor Cleverly will present at the first ever Benchmark Conference on May 9, 2012. Benchmark is a social media measurement conference aimed at sparking conversation between industry and technology leaders.

The session, “Lean Forward: Measuring and Understanding the Influence of Social TV,” will discuss findings from HI’s partnership with social media analysis platform Crimson Hexagon. Beharry and Cleverly will present insights into TV viewing and social media usage, with a special focus on social-issue entertainment.


New partnership with Crimson Hexagon

Recently named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies on the Web by Fast Company, Crimson Hexagon has partnered with HI to enhance our ability for understanding the connection between entertainment and social change. Powered by an algorithm developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Crimson Hexagon challenges traditional social media monitoring, expanding measures to include a real-time view of online audiences and how they truly think and feel about a brand, campaign, or issue.

“We are thrilled to partner with Harmony Institute and provide them with our leading technology to power their research in the pursuit of drawing connections between entertainment and social change,” said Crimson Hexagon CEO Patricia Gottesman. “We look forward to seeing the interesting findings Harmony Institute will share with the broader entertainment community on its role in activating communities for social change.”

Read the official press release here.