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As an organization interested in media impact, our “water cooler” chatter around the office often includes TV Series and Documentaries that mirror past and present, sentimental TV specials, and media trends that affect us. Read on to see the meaningful media and cultural phenomenons HI staff has been talking about in June:

  1. Featured Analysis: The People vs. O.J. Simpson and O.J.: Made in America 
  2. Zika Virus, the Olympics and Agenda Setting
  3. Shark Week
  4. The Evolution of Broadcast Censorship

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HI’s Media Impact Fellowship Convening 2015

2015 HI Media Impact Fellows Convening

Tuesday October 27, Harmony Institute hosted its first event to show off the work of its research fellows at Civic Hall. We heard from Jason Sherwin about his research measuring what brain activity is triggered by watching video media, and what happens next. We also heard from Heidi Boisvert about her study of what components of different media trigger empathy, and when that empathy inspires people to do good. Finally we heard from Clint Beharry about an an update to his work on visualizing media consumption across the political landscape, as well as a review of our work the neural and social media reactions to shows like The Walking Dead.

For more information on Clint (and Jason’s) work on the last of these, take a look at our full written report and video: Zombies, Brains, and Tweets. More information about Jason’s Trailer Brain and Heidi’s Empathy Engine will be posted to our website as the projects develop from their current early stages.

Deputy Director Debika Shome sits on the Athena Film Festival “Barnard in the Biz” panel

On February 6, 2015, HI Deputy Director Debika Shome was a panelist, along with three other Barnard alum, discussing the challenges and pressures women face on carving out a career in the entertainment industry.  tumblr_static_1ea249a5a301e4d7da62b8e658fd4546

Clint Beharry presents at OMDC Digital Dialogue 2015

digital dialogue 150x150 HI’s Director of Design and Technology, Clint Beharry, talked with Gerry Flahive as part of a presentation on measuring impact, our Walking Dead study, and StoryPilot at OMDC Digital Dialogue 2015 on January 21st.  The video of their conversation can be checked out here.


Debika Shome at New America NYC: Merchants of Doubt

New America NYC Debika Shome, HI’s Deputy Director, served as a panelist at the New America NYC: Merchants of Doubt event on January 13, 2015.  The event involved a film screening followed by a panel composed of leaders in science, environmental, and the media communications field to discuss the environment in the age of polarized politics.

How is data used to understand different types of impact?

sheffield smallOn Wednesday, June 11, HI’s Senior Creative Technologist, Clint Beharry, spoke at the Sheffield Doc/Fest in Sheffield, England.  In its 21st year, the Sheffield Doc/Fest is one of the top three documentary festivals and markets in the world. In his talk, “How is data used to understand different types of impact?,”  Beharry presented HI’s StoryPilot, and how it measures the impact of documentary films. Click here to read more about the Sheffield Doc/Fest.

WebDox & Docville Film Festival 2014

webdoxOn Thursday, May 8, HI’s Senior Creative Technologist, Clint Beharry, spoke at the WebDox and Docville Film Festival in Leuven, Belgium. In his keynote address, “Big data & how to assess impact,” Beharry spoke about impact, the use of data and data visualizations in impact assessment, and HI’s impact-measurement app, ImpactSpace. Click here to read more about WebDox and Docville.

HI presents at Dissection: D in Washington, D.C.

cir logoOn April 17-18, HI’s Deputy Director, Debika Shome, and Senior Creative Technologist, Clint Beharry, participated and presented at the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Dissection: D event. As the fourth installment of the Dissection Series, topics included community impact, impact and innovation, and the future of impact and its measurement. Beharry demonstrated HI’s impact measurement tool, ImpactSpace, and presented our case studies on the the Walking Dead, and the film Gasland. Click here to read more about the conference’s events.

HI presents at Dissection: C in New York City

cir logoOn April 14-15, HI participated in Dissection: C, the third installment of the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Dissection series, at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York. Founder and Executive Director, John S. Johnson, Deputy Director, Debika Shome, Senior Creative Technologist, Clint Beharry, and Data Scientist Burton DeWilde attended the conference, which addressed the challenges of impact analysis, including the need for definitions and taxonomy around impact measurement and new measurement techniques. Beharry presented HI’s ImpactSpace.

HI speaks at Britdoc Impact Distribution Lab

Britdoc logo copyFrom March 25-28, HI participated in the Britdoc Foundation’s Impact Distribution Lab, held in New York. Topics at the four-day summit included the international and local aspects of the distribution and impact of media, and impact evaluation. HI’s Senior Creative Technologist, Clint Beharry, discussed the value of impact evaluation and presented ImpactSpace.