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We’re interested in any type of mediated message that tells a story. With this in mind, we study film, television, journalism, video games, immersive theater, and many other forms of story. We look at fiction and non-fiction and maintain a flexible definition of media.


We draw on a variety of methods to perform our research, including experiments, surveys, and data analysis. Our team comes from a diverse set of intellectual disciplines with a wide range of skills.


HI specializes in blending data from a variety of sources to get a comprehensive perspective on how change happens at the individual, community, and societal levels. We utilize unique data from lab & field experiments, proprietary data from our data partners, and publicly available data sources. We employ both qualitative and quantitative data to understand the broad patterns of impact as well as unique pathways to change.


We are a 501c3 not-for-profit nonpartisan organization working with storytellers and partners from across the political spectrum.


We are funded through a combination of grants, client services, partner projects, in-kind donations, and charitable contributions. If you or your organization would like to support our work, join as a Partner or Sponsor please visit the Donate page or send us a note.


We are committed to remaining not-for-profit, both financially and culturally, for two reasons:

First, maintaining a not-for-profit environment makes us accountable to scientific integrity before bottom lines.

Second, we’re motivated by helping storytellers create impactful stories. As part of that, we strive to offer as many tools and resources as possible for free or low cost. Any donations or monetary compensation that we receive go directly towards supporting new research and covering development and maintenance costs for our suite of tools.


There are a variety of ways for you to get involved in our work. You can stay in the loop by signing up for our quarterly newsletter, following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook. To find out how to join our team, check out our listing of current positions on the Jobs page. If you have more questions, fill out the form below or send an email to info@harmony-institute.org.


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