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Media changes minds. But despite massive investment to win hearts and minds, no one fully understands how this happens.

Harmony Institute conducts research to understand how media works. We use scientifically-grounded research methods to track how ideas expressed through media affect individuals and society. We examine a wide range of media, from television and radio to social media and virtual reality. We use quantitative and qualitative methods and draw on a range of disciplines, including cognitive science, social psychology, digital humanities, neuroscience, and computer science.

Regardless of form, discipline, or methodology, we dig deep, seeking to understand the nuance beyond the metrics. We believe that understanding media’s role in changing the minds of individuals, the beliefs of communities, and the actions of society is one of the most important and exciting questions of our time.

Harmony Institute consists of a research center (Labs) and a tech shop (Products). Our Labs team conducts original research, ranging from short, exploratory analysis to in-depth peer-review level studies. Our Products team converts research findings into practical tools, including in-house applications and web-ready platforms. Labs and Products collaborate in every stage of the research and development process to produce timely, practical tools and reports to share with the public.


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