‘Beyond Butts In Seats and Tweets, How Do We Know Films Are Making a Difference?’ at Sundance 2014

sundance2014On January 19, HI’s Deputy Director Debika Shome participated in the panel discussion ‘Beyond Butts In Seats and Tweets, How Do We Know Films Are Making a Difference?’ at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Part of Sundance’s New Frontier initiative, the panel discussion also included Richard Perez (Director, Cesar’s LastFast), Todd Cunningham (Director, Media Impact Project), Emily Verellen (Director of Programs and Communications, The Fledgling Fund) and Sasha Costanza-Chock (Assistant Professor of Civic Media, MIT), and was moderated by Wendy Levy (Director, New Arts Axis). Panelists addressed the topic of impact measurement, and Shome discussed the evolution of HI’s work in impact measurement from case studies to the creation of ImpactSpace, and the need for more comprehensive impact analyses tailored to individual pieces of media. Read more about the event on our blog, The Ripple Effect.

Deputy Director Debika Shome Presents ImpactSpace at CU Digital Storytelling Lab

CU LogoOn November 13, Deputy Director Debika Shome presented HI ImpactSpace in a speed talk at the event, “What could a Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University look like?” This event created a public forum for brainstorming about how a Digital Storytelling Lab could promote education and encourage innovation within the landscape of storytelling. The Digital Storytelling Lab, currently in development, will bring together creativity and technology in a collaborative space.

HI Participates in Media Impact Focus

MIF LogoOn November 13, HI participated in several sessions at the Media Impact Focus, hosted by Media Impact Funders. Our Founder and Executive Director, John S. Johnson, gave a keynote speech on the importance of media impact measurement. Additionally, Deputy Director Debika Shome and Data Scientist Burton DeWilde discussed HI ImpactSpace on a panel, “Film and Entertainment: Impact Frameworks and Resources.”

HI Becomes a partner with CHEX’s social research grant program

CHThis October HI partnered with Crimson Hexagon’s Social Research Grant Program. The partnership gives HI access to Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform, a tool that draws from the full Twitter Firehose to compose a comprehensive visualization of social media data. ForSight™ adds significantly to HI’s database and will play an instrumental role in analyzing narrative impact for social good.

HI Presents ImpactSpace at Dissection: Impact

cir logoOn October 24, HI’s Deputy Director Debika Shome, Manager of Research, Strategy, and Development Joanna Raczkiewicz, and Senior Creative Technologist Clint Beharry traveled to Oakland, California to participate in Dissection: Impact, hosted by the Center for Investigative Reporting. The worked with experts from a variety of fields to discuss and workshop some of the latest tools and methodologies in media impact measurement.

October Newsletter

HI releases a case-study involving the television show Walking Dead, analyzing the impulse to share narrative; Clint Beharry Speaks at Power to the Pixel in London to discuss the effects of linguistic frameworks in narrative on audience understanding; John Johnson and Debika Shome travel  to the Future of Storytelling Summit to participate in panel discussions; John is featured in a Future of Storytelling video, “The Metrics of Media Impact.” View the newsletter in your browser.

Clint Beharry, Senior Creative Technologist, Speaks at Power to the Pixel

PTTPOn October 15th Clint Beharry, Senior Creative Technologist, traveled to London to speak at Power to the Pixel’s seventh annual cross-media forum. Beharry focused on the significance of linguistic frameworks in narrative, emphasizing their effect on audience understanding. He then touched upon HI’s recent work developing ImpactSpace, an app that catalogues big data to analyze the social impact of documentary films.


Deputy Director, Debika Shome, Speaks at New America NYC

New America NYCOn October 8th, Deputy Director Debika Shome spoke at New America NYC’s screening of the documentary, “Village at the end of the World.” The film documents the changing social and geographical environment of Niaqornat, a town in Northwestern Greenland slowly sinking beneath rising sea levels. The screening preceded a panel discussion that evaluated different narrative strategies in disseminating knowledge of climate change to the public.

Founder and Executive Director John S. Johnson Speaks at the Future of Storytelling

FoST Logo

On October 2, our Founder and Executive Director John S. Johnson and Deputy Director Debika Shome took part in a discussion at the Future of Storytelling. The event prompted the release of a short video, The Metrics of Maximum Impact. View visual notes of the discussion.

Deputy Director, Debika Shome, speaks at the New York Film Festival

NYFFOn September 28th, Debika Shome Spoke at the New York Film Festival’s “Convergence on Documentary” on a panel called “Transmedia Storytelling & Documentary Film.” Now in its second year, the Convergence focuses on the intersection of technology and storytelling. Shome discussed HI’s work on measuring the social impact of documentaries, citing HI’s study on the influence of “Waiting for Superman,” a feature-length documentary on the state of public education in America.