HI examines neural and social engagement

smallcoverZBTHI has released a new research paper examining the connection between neural engagement and social engagement in the context of broadcast television. This paper discusses the methodology and results of a cross-discipline study that combined EEG scans with aggregated twitter activity to explore viewer responses to the hit show, The Walking Dead. Topics include viewer sentiment, emotional responses, measurement techniques, and data visualization software. “Zombies, brains, and tweets” is free and available for download. Read more here.

HI featured in Filmmaker Magazine

FM_Facebook.fullOn September 22, Filmmaker Magazine published a digital column featuring Deputy Director Debika Shome’s IFP Media Week Presentation. The author, Katie Carman-Lehach, describes  HI’s vision for data-driven story-telling and the excitement surrounding the sneak peak of ImpactSpace. The article, “How do you measure your film’s impact? Debika Shome of The Harmony Insitute Explains,” is available here.

Deputy Director, Debika Shome, speaks at IFP Film Week 2013

markbluelowres.fullOn September 19, Deputy Director Debika Shome presented at the 2013 IFP Film Week. She discussed the need for greater access to film data, as well as the role that data can play in filmmaking. In her talk, Shome referenced HI’s Impact Playbook and our forthcoming web application, ImpactSpace, as examples of tools that will help filmmakers gather and utilize impact metrics.

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Filmmaker Magazine features research by HI

Summer2013_cover-280x372On July 18, HI was featured in Culture Hacker, a column in the summer 2013 edition of Filmmaker magazine. Culture Hacker is written by Lance Weiler and focuses on integrating storytelling practices with technological advancement. The article, Turning the Tables, discusses the immersive narrative experience, My Sky is Falling, drawing on HI’s research and linking to the case study, A New Story.

HI studies influence in online social networks

Cover_image_smallHI has released a research paper exploring how audiences consume, share, and discuss entertainment online. The paper synthesizes recent social science research to deliver an overview of this growing field. Topics discussed include user-generated content, “viral” media, and the demographics of social network users. This empirical research examines the contexts, behaviors, and structures that drive influential entertainment online, adding valuable perspective to quantitative metrics.
The paper is free and available for download. Read more here.

HI releases exploratory case study of a data-driven and immersive story

A_New_Story_Updated_SmallOn July 19, HI released a report that explores methods for integrating data collection and evaluation into the creation of immersive, participatory stories. The report focuses on the project, My Sky is Falling, which chronicles the experiences of a foster care child through the lens of science fiction. The report discusses the challenges of this type of media work and presents a toolkit of research and design methods for creating and evaluating an immersive, narrative experience.

Filmmaker Magazine featured the report in their Summer 2013 Culture Hacker column. The full report is also available for download.

July 2013 Newsletter

HI publishes a white paper on the social science of online influence; HI releases a case study on the immersive experience, My Sky is Falling; HI Research Fellow publishes new work on the moral “color” of television language; HI is hiring a research analyst and web developer; Deputy Director, Debika Shome, speaks at Games for Change Festival; HI is featured in Fast Company, Wired, and on the Games for Change blog. You can read more here.

Deputy Director, Debika Shome, hosts panel at Games for Change Festival

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 5.05.33 PMOn June 18, Deputy Director Debika Shome presented at the tenth annual Games for Change Festival, where she held a panel discussing interactive impact measurement. The presentation included seven key points, drawn from the Impact Playbook and HI’s work with interactive stories, such as My Sky is Falling. Read more here.

HI featured in Fast Company for work on the morality of language on television

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 10.50.11 AMOn July 2, HI Research Fellow John Voiklis was featured in an article in Fast Company Labs for his work on determining the types of moral language used in television. The article is part of a series, entitled Analytics 2.0, which focuses on the ways in which newly available streams of data are influencing how we understand journalism, marketing, and entertainment.

HI presents ImpactSpace platform at Media Impact Forum

Media Impact Funders LogoHI Creative Technologist Clint Beharry presented a prototype of ImpactSpace, a multidimensional platform for understanding the social impact of entertainment, at the Media Impact Forum in New York City. The forum was convened by Media Impact Funders and held at the Ford Foundation. Beharry detailed the theoretical framework and data sources that will drive ImpactSpace. The platform will offer creative professionals, nonprofits, researchers, and funders a comprehensive view of both the entertainment and social issue landscape. Users will be able to visualize impact data according to the metrics that they value most.  ImpactSpace reveals the variety of narrative approaches, audiences and social impacts that films inspire. The platform is currently in early stage development, and HI plans to create a working prototype in the coming months.